Summer collection

Having a summer party, kids birthday party or just wanting to treat yourself this summer - ice cream is the answer

What's your party style?

* A festival style, tents, bunting, live music, kind of party

* A serene summer social soiree sort of party;

* A kids screaming round the garden, trampoline bouncing, is it time for them to go home yet, what will the neighbours be thinking kind of party;

* A let’s get the relatives round for a barbecue in the garden, oh it’s raining, everyone into the sitting room, barbecuing under the garage door kind of party;

* A we have a new hot tub and want to show it off whilst supplying you with copious amounts of barbecue food and bubbles kind of party

* or an ahhhh…. just me and my choice of music, relaxing on a hammock/deck chair/kitchen chair dragged outside/blanket/bath towel* (*delete as appropriate) sort of party

Whatever you’re party style, it all goes better with a huge bowl of ice Gelateaux ice cream


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