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Makers of handmade ice cream cakes & fantastical frozen fancies!

I hand make all the ice cream that goes into your ice cream cake

  • I make amazing gelato.
  • And ice cream cakes.
  • And frozen desserts.

Have a look at my ready to go ice cream cakes and desserts, or talk to me about a custom cake creation.

Read on to discover what makes my ice cream cakes so special.

The Best Ingredients

It’s very simple, but the best products start with the best ingredients
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Best Flavours

Quality gelato requires quality ingredients. So whether it’s the best Callebaut chocolate, or the finest fruit purees, only the best goes into your ice cream cake.

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Quality Milk

The milk is from our own herd of lovely ladies (cows). You can’t get better quality than that.
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Perfectly Churned

Each flavour of gelato is made in small batches. This may take longer, but it tastes so much better when it’s truly handmade and churned.

Delicious Gelato, made just for you

My ice cream cakes are churned, layered, frosted, decorated and sprinkled with passion. I love trying new recipes and techniques and am always seeking for ice cream cake perfection. That’s why I source the best ingredients and why every cake is made and decorated with love.

Gelato Flavours


Ice Cream Cake Gallery

A selection of my favourite ice cream cakes, pies & frozen desserts
s'mores ice cream cake

My Story

“I’m so lucky. I get to spend my day creating fabulous cakes out of ice cream and chocolate… What could be better than that?”

Hi, I’m Amy. The owl obsessed, nature loving, chief churner and ice cream cake creator here at Gelateaux.

If asked, my husband would probably tell you that I’m more than slightly obsessed with ice cream and cakes.

Starting in 2006 with tubs, I moved into the more creative side of cake making with my first ice cream cakes in 2008 and ice cream cupcakes in 2011.

Roll on 17 years and I love what I do even more. Ice cream is unpredictable and at times damned annoying (super hot heatwaves vs. ice cream cake decorating anyone), but I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else.

Everything I do is self taught. Many hundreds of hours of trial and error, experimenting and some failures, means I have an excellent knowledge of the complexities of ice cream cake making.

My dream is to go to Italy to take some courses, because where is better to learn {sample} gelato, than in its spiritual home!



“Don’t be too vanilla!”

OMG just had bruno! He is totally delicious and i am not a huge ice cream fan! Harry loved him and had the most enormous portion! Thank you so much for making his birthday even more special!

J Lowe

The Team

Even though lots of ice cream creations leave the parlour each week, the Gelateaux team actually only consists of me.

Having said that, the cows and the batch freezer are “colleagues” I couldn’t work without.

That and coffee. LOTS of coffee.

Me, Amy

Me, Amy

Position: Owner & Ice Cream Churner

The Batch Freezer

The Batch Freezer

Position: Chief of Freezing

The Ladies

The Ladies

Position: heads of product development