From fresh fruity sorbets to oat milk based gelatos, these are all dairy free and suitable for vegans.
Are you lactose free? Or maybe you’re trying a more plant based diet. Whatever your reason for choosing less dairy, you shouldn’t have to compromise your ice cream.

With my delicious oat milk gelato there is no need for any compromise. Delicious, silky smooth mouth feel for a true gelato experience. Non gritty bite to really make you feel like you’re sat in a true Italian gelaterier. So good you won’t believe it’s dairy free*.

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* even though these gelatos and sorbets do not contain milk or dairy, they are made in the same parlour and in the same machines as my milk based gelato. Due to this, I can not guarantee that any of my dairy free products are 100% free from milk products. I do not use eggs in my parlour, so everything is egg free.