If you'd like to contact Gelateaux to order an ice cream cake, this is a great place to start...



Gelateaux, Woodbine Villa, The Airfield, Chedworth, Cheltenham, GL54 4NX


I am not open for walk in orders, please make sure you have a cake collection booked & confirmed before turning up.


I don't currently offer delivery, but I am looking in to how to make it work. As you will be able to appreciate, delicate ice cream and long spells sitting in a vehicle don't go well together.


I don't have set opening hours, but when you order a cake you will be asked when you'd like to collect it. I am working on appointment booking software...


Going forward, I hope to have open days where you can just turn up and see what's on offer without needing an appointment. Ice cream will NOT be available to eat on site, but there will be cakes, tubs and desserts to take away.

frequently asked questions

Q. Do you have cakes available to collect last minute?

Yes. I carry a selection of 'torte da portare' - cakes to go. Please check the online shop for what is available.

Q. Can I just turn up if i'm passing?

Unfortunately not. Gelateaux is based on a working farm, so collections are strictly by prior agreement only. This includes last minute purchases.

Q. Can I get a scoop of ice cream from your parlour if I turn up?

No. There is not a scooping cabinet at the farm. Collections are strictly by prior arrangement only.

Q. Do you have open days?

I'm planning on having open days occasionally . These will be advertised on the website as well as on Facebook and Insatagram, so don't forget to follow Gelateaux and sign up for emails to find out when they are.

Q. How do I book a cake?

Cakes can be booked via the online shop, by sending an email, WhatsApp message or giving me a ring.

Q. How do I collect my cake?

When you order a cake online I will email to discuss collection dates. Please note I do not generally accept collections on Saturdays or Sundays. If you require your cake within the next 7 days, please ring or WhatsApp me so we can get it sorted for you. I have young children, so collections must work around school drop off and pick up times.

Q. How do I transport my ice cream cake?

Your ice cream cake will come in a sturdy cardboard cake box. I recommend a freezer bag or box to transport it home. Keep the cake as flat as possible by putting it in the footwell or the boot - your front seat is not flat and could cause the cake to slip and damage.

Q. How long can I keep my ice cream cake out of the freezer?

After collection, I recommend getting the cake back in the freezer within 45 mins. If you have a freezer bag with ice packs, that can increase to about 75mins. If the weather is unseasionably hot, these times will be lower.

Q. How do I serve my ice cream cake?

Remove your ice cream cake from the freezer 10 minutes before serving. To insert candles, use a skewer dipped in hot water to make a hole into the top. To make a nice clean cut, use a knife dipped in hot water. Remember, ice cream is hard, so any delicate decorations may snap if you just try to push them in. (I know from experience!!)

Q. How do I store my ice cream cake?

Should there be any ice cream cake left, you can keep it in the freezer for up to 3 months. Wrap it in clingfilm or tin foil to stop it getting frosted. Then you can just cut a slice when you need it!