Meet Bruno.

Like Colin, only cooler

Welcome to the Family...

Move over Colin! THESE are the coolest caterpillars you'll ever meet.

Hailing from the tip of the boot in Sicily, Bruno has travelled all the way by leaf boat, to land upon your party table.

If he likes what he sees, he'll summon the rest of the Bruco family.


Bruno is the Dad of the Bruco Family. He is made with my Dairy ice cream and is covered in milk chocolate and colourful sprinkles. He has a happy little white chocolate face and he's finished with white chocolate sneakers.

Favourite food: anything made by his Nonna (grandmother)

Favourite song: Nessun Dorma, which he likes to belt out at the most embarrasing of moments (according to his children)

Favourite pastime: Embarrasing his children (see above) and playing tennis - he can hold 4 rackets at once.

Please note, I make Bruno to order so require at least 14 days notice.